Verdant Angel Flory

Verdant Angel Flory

Base Power: 1440

Fluttering Flowers
Fluttering Flowers

Increases All DMG Reduction by 3%.

Power: 720


Speeds up Gathering Time by 10% and Mining Time by 10%.

Power: 720


Ta-da. Careful, careful...

Be careful! You going to get yourself hurt!

May the Spirit's blessing be upon you.

Thank you. I'll repay you someday.

Thank you, but... can I really accept something so valuable?

I won't forget this gift. Thank you very much.

You should've been more careful before getting yourself killed!!

Didn't I tell you to be careful?

See? You can't do it without me, right?

Phew. I knew you'd die, fighting like that, tsk.

Always be alert! Be careful before you get killed!

Let's try again! You can do it!

Let's do it again. Good!

You've come this far. This is nothing.

The world turned upside down. Let's try one more time.

I'm going to run confidently into that battlefield!