Canine Boss Wooftain

Canine Boss Wooftain

Base Power: 230

Wind's Benediction
Wind's Benediction

Increases Monster ATK DMG Boost by 4%.

Power: 230


Stop playing around!

Don't be stupid and just do what I say.

I got my eyes on you.

Haha, it looks like my lessons were of help.

Thank you. I'll treasure this gift.

Gifts are from the heart. Thank you.

You should've been more careful before getting yourself killed!!

Didn't I tell you to be careful?

See? You can't do it without me, right?

Phew. I knew you'd die, fighting like that, tsk.

Always be alert! Be careful before you get killed!

Let's try again! You can do it!

Let's do it again. Good!

You've come this far. This is nothing.

The world turned upside down. Let's try one more time.

I'm going to run confidently into that battlefield!